ManageFlitter: The Best Tweepi Alternative

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I’ve been all about my routines lately. Creating processes for as many things as possible. Once it’s processed, it stops requiring so much thought. You just get up (or lay down) and let habit kick in until the job gets done.

One of my most effective processes is my Twitter management routine. Because Twitter has follow and unfollow regulations, you will need to maintain your account daily so that you can reach the most users while staying within Twitter’s activity limits.

I’ve been a huge Tweepi fan for the last few months. My process for finding people to follow is nearly down to a science. Rather than just a basic user search, I can find people to follow based on their interests, who they follow and their location.

But the real magic is in the filtering process. After I’ve found users who match the criteria I have selected, I then filter those users to follow only the best: Twitter user likely to follow me back, engage and share my content.

For this I had Tweepi. Until yesterday.

Tweepi’s Follow feature temporarily down

Yesterday (Dec 2, 2015), Tweepi’s following functionality was shut down, with a notice to Tweepi users:

We are currently facing issues with Twitter’s “Follow” functionality. Until then, following via Tweepi is temporarily disabled. We are working with Twitter to have this resolved within 24 to 48 hours. Unfollowing, force unfollowing and other Twitter functionality are working normally.

Meanwhile, you can engage your target audience by using the “add to list” feature or by @mentioning them. Both those features will show under that user’s Twitter Notifications tab, which will get you noticed. Keep in mind that you need to be relevant with your tweets and lists.

Once the service is back up, you can access your list using “Tweepi’s Follow by List” tool, and follow all users you’ve found and added to that list.

Note: The “add to list” feature will be temporarily enabled for FREE users until this is resolved.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We are working around the clock with Twitter to resolve the issue.

The news was inconvenient but not enough to deter my loyalty to the company that had helped me find so many amazing and active Twitter followers. There was still hope.

Instead of actively finding great users to follow, I decided to skip that part of my process and move on to cleaning up the people I was following.

Today (Dec 3, 2015) was the deal-breaker. I logged in, hoping to see my favorite feature fixed. Unfortunately, they were still working with Twitter on the issue. In an attempt to complete the rest of my process I was greeted with another disappointing alert.

Tweepi’s Unfollow Feature Has Been Removed.

Ouch. A prompt to ‘read more’ details informed:

As of 03 December 2015, Tweepi’s Flush tool has been shut down at the request of Twitter, since it was being abused by some of our users, in turn triggering ‘churn’ and ‘aggressive following’ Twitter alerts.

Twitter defines that as: when an account repeatedly follows and then unfollows a large number of users. This may be done to get lots of people to notice them, to circumvent a Twitter limit, or to change their follower-to-following ratio. These behaviors negatively impact the Twitter experience for other users, are common spam tactics, and may lead to account suspension.

The ‘Unfollow’ functionality hasn’t changed in other Tweepi tools.

The Best Tweepi Alternative

Following a bit of mourning, I said goodbye to Tweepi and began my search for a Twitter management platform that is just as powerful.

ManageFlitter has been mentioned in several marketing courses I have taken, as well as at an SEO conference I attended. Although I had played around with it before, I never explored beyond the free version of the software. Tweepi’s free version won me over, I upgraded and the rest is history. But today I went back. And I am so glad I did.

Why I Loved Tweepi

Tweepi’s filtering features for finding targeted tweeters was my favorite and most used feature. Tweepi allowed me to save filter combinations for easy access on a daily basis. Rather than just finding tweeters with a lot of followers, I would segment out:

  • people likely to follow back based on their follow ratio
  • active users that had tweeted in the last day
  • users that speak english
  • established users with more than 150 followers (they are less liekly to be spam accounts)

ManageFlitter Blows Tweepi Out of the Water

ManageFlitter makes my Twitter management process so much easier. Instead of having to figure out which filter combinations you should use to find influencers, popular accounts, or active accounts, ManageFlitter translates all this for you, and then names the filters based on what you are looking for.

Now, instead of finding influencers that will follow me back by creating a filter for users with followers over a certain amount to show popularity but under a certain amount so they aren’t too out of reach, I can choose their influence level on a sliding scale.

ManageFlitter also has tons of features that Tweepi doesn’t. You can search by

  • account age
  • tweets per day
  • spam probability
  • total tweets
  • talkative (tweets more than 5 times per day)
  • possibly offensive

and like… soooo much more.

ManageFlitter's Power Mode


What’s the Price Difference?

Tweepi has a free, silver and platinum plan. There are no discounts for multiple accounts (which is a huge downside for someone who manages heeps of Twitter accounts). Their price per platinum account only ran $15 per month per account, making the price for 5 accounts $75 a month.

ManageFlitter has 3 pricing tiers as well: freebie, pro and business. One huge advantage of ManageFlitter is bulk pricing. A pro account is $12 per month, and only $24 per month for 5 accounts! To sweeten the deal, their pro account is surprisingly more feature-rich than Tweepi’s silver account!


ManageFlitter’s Business account option adds the ability to schedule tweets and post at the optimal time for engagement with your followers, as well as features I havent even begun to explore.

ManageFlitter also offers a 14-day free trial for business accounts, as long as you’re registering a corporate Twitter account. Their team just approved my request for a trial so more on their business features in a few days.

Which social platform do you use? Is it as powerful as ManageFlitter? Let me know in the comments!

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Lee Jackson

Thank you for that article, Melissa. I lived through the TweetAdder demise, and was also brought up short with Tweepi’s announcement 2 days ago. I had also flirted with ManageFlitter, and had stayed with Tweepi. I had not upgraded ManageFlitter. I’ll do that now, and discontinue Tweepi. Twitter’s actions are puzzling – almost as if their intent is to drive business away. Thanks again.

Kevin Garber

Hi Melissa –

Thanks for the kind words about ManageFlitter. I am glad that you find it useful. We have great things planned for the product in 2016.


ManageFlitter CEO

John Voedxe

Hi there, amazing post! Great stuff. Have you ever used tools such as TweetFavy before? It helped me out a great deal in getting more Twitter followers. You should check it out! 🙂