MailChimp is an easy-to-use email marketing platform with a pretty amazing free version. If you’re just starting out your list, this is the best value you can get. As a bonus, the interface is gorgeous and they have a great app for managing your email list on the go.


Buffer is my favorite social media scheduler. While the free version is great on its own, you can “Upgrade to Awesome” for only $99 a year, packing the deal with tons of valuable features, including scheduling Pinterest pins!

MeetEdgar Logo - Social Media Management Tool


MeetEdgar is new on my list, but so far I’m loving it. MeetEdgar doesn’t just stop at scheduling social media updates, it lets you set categories and save your updates to reuse over and over.
Most tweets are never seen by your followers. MeetEdgar changes that and saves you valuable time of having to constantly create new content.

You’re probably thinking, “But Melissa, why the F would you use two social media scheduling tools? Aren’t you already using Buffer?”

Because I manage the social accounts of several companies, I like to train others to take over and not leave them empty handed when I’m done consulting. This is the perfect use case.

Manage Flitter - Twitter Management tool


ManageFlitter is a crazy powerful follower management platform. If Twitter is your happy place, this software is for you. Its Twitter user search helps you find the ideal Twitter users to follow for a valuable and targeted followback.

I would not have been able to grow my followers to over 10k in 3 months without a powerful Twitter management platform to help me!

Go Daddy Web Hosting

I have gone through a lot of hosting companies, whether because of a promotional price or a recommendation from someone. But they have all let me down. While Go Daddy can have long phone wait times, save your customer support phone calls for weekends and you’re golden.

Kifi logo - collect, organize and share


Kifi is a very useful web app and Chrome extension that helps you collect and organize links from around the web.

While it might seem counter-intuitive to user both Evernote and Kifi (which I do), I tend to clutter up my Evernote and it can be hard to keep myself organized. To remedy my mess of resources, I’ve started using Kifi specifically for things I want to create content around.

Pro Tip: Kifi’ Slack integration can automatically keep (and notify you of) links your team posts to your Slack channels.